A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


I made this game a year ago as homework for my game design class. Our task was to make a game expressing an emotion (fear,love,hate ...). The game is about fear (of heights). I got help programming this game, I have also used sounds from god knows where and the fps controller is a free download from here.

I really wanted to add some fog on the bottom of the level and more wood screeching sounds so there is that. Also you can't exit the game and will need to alt tab to get back to your desktop and kill the application from there.

I might upload some more old (and or broken) projects in the future.


Vertigo.zip 27 MB
Vertigo OSX.zip 21 MB
Vertigo Linux.zip 20 MB


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Really enjoyed this game, especially because it was made for a school project :) Longer version would be amazing!

A 64 bit version would be nice...

I played it too. Had lots of fun, and only 2 heart flutters.

Hey Failed Sheep. Thanks for playing. I cant watch your video because it is set to private but if you change that I will be sure to check it out.

Sorry, fixed that.

Gave it a go....



Awesome video, its always the best part to see your game being played.